The feel-good atmosphere for
networking, get-together and dinner.

3D Cinema - Media Wall - Martion Sound System - Theatre Stage - 3D Cinema - Media Wall - Martion Sound System - Theatre Stage - 3D Cinema - Media Wall - Martion Sound System - Theatre Stage


Wood and beautiful ironwork for cosiness

120+20 m²

Within the brick walls of the former blacksmith’s shop pulsates the “heart” of Old Smithy’s Dizzle, directly connected to the evergreen garden.

Lots of wood, beautiful steel art and countless indirect light sources provide cosiness and warmth in our “living room”.


The eye-catcher is the noble green theatre curtain made of velvet, which makes the room smaller if necessary or creates a stage in a few easy steps.

Three different sound systems are installed in Dizzle’s Home. Touchscreen-controlled LEDs can illuminate the entire room in addition to the mercury vapour lamps in the sunlight spectrum.

A cinema screen, incl. a theatre curtain, is integrated into the room. On the plateau, there is a 3D cinema and an elongated media wall on which individual content can be played.


⟶ Sofa corner with 10 seats in the Séparée
⟶ Library seating area (7 seats)
⟶ Theatre stage incl. curtain
⟶ Second level with 3D cinema and smoking lounge (10 seats)

⟶ Audio concept by K-Array as a four-point background sound system
⟶ THX Klipsch 9.1. Surround sound
⟶ Martin Audio HIFI sound as a horn-based 4-way system
⟶ DJ console

⟶ Daylight
⟶ Mercury vapour lamps in the sunlight spectrum
⟶ Touchscreen-controlled LEDs (RGB)

⟶ 1,000 Mbit/s high-speed fibre optic network
⟶ 3D cinema with LG CF3DA projector
⟶ Integrated cinema screen in landscape format (4 m diagonal)
⟶ Media wall (7.3 x 0.8 m)


Time stands still because here, every object tells a story.

An enchanting setting for product presentations, dinners, weddings, concerts, readings, PR & listening events, theatre performances and workshops in cosy flair.
Dizzle's Home


Old Loft



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